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Urban Stroller 1000W / 48V / 15Ah / Litio Rojo

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Urban Stroller 1000W/48V/15Ah/Red Lithium

Arrive the last! We present you the new model Urban Stroller, similar to the previous but with an engine and upper battery. Do you with the new Urban Stroller with battery type LITHIUM! As well as engine of 1000W!!

Our Urban Stroller is thought for all type of people, thanks to which will be able to enjoy of an only dependency. You will be able to enjoy there is by where go of a new way to move you. Easy handle, and very easy to transport, since it has of handlebar and folding seat, at the same time includes a rear metallic basket, to be able to transport all what wish.

An ideal product if you do not have of place to park or of some place where protect it. Maximum comfort without headaches. The best option for the urban transport with an innovative design and of high quality and thought for all type of people!

His big wheels allow to the more beginners use them easily. Big stability to avoid unnecessary falls, thanks to his 3 wheels. The Urban Stroller, requires of very little maintenance in comparison with a vehicle of fuel; at all of petrol , filters, neither complex repairs and maintenance, only need recargarlo through the enchufe of your house or business.

Forget of the failures in the start, which will have very few or invalid probabilities to have. This new Urban Stroller, consists of an engine of 1000W, with a battery of type Lithium, very improved to previous models, of capacity 48V and 15Ah, situated under the tapestry of the floor to end to isolate it of the rain. However, it recommends not to use it in the puddles of water too important to avoid the deterioración of the same. The length of load of the bateria is of some 6-8 hours, allowing an autonomy of until some 30-35 Km Máx..

The speed to which can arrive is of until 35 km/h, more than sufficient for a vehicle of these characteristics. The big advantage that you will notice is the silence of the engine.

The Urban Stroller has of course backwards, leading and rear light, brake of parking, horn, rear brakes and forwards, 3 adjustable speeds (15Km/h; 25Km/h or 35Km/h), amortiguador leading, frontal wheels of 16" and rear wheels of 12.5".

It allows to go up slopes of until 10º. The supported maximum weight is of until 120 Kg.

Can drive from the 12 years from now on and without limit of age! The product has been manufactured with technology of design 3D. It treats of an only product, modern and with a structure minimalista.

Besides it has the following certificates: CE. ROHS, UL, ofreciendole high quality and security in the purchase of this product.



Before his use, read entirely the manual of user, warnings of security, maintenance, inspection, use of of the batteries and conserve the manual with which accompanies the product, for future future references. This product is not allocated to the use by the zones enabled for circulation of vehicles. Please, it consult the valid municipal legislation of his zone, on the use of this product.



Model: T6-2

Rear brakes and Forwards

Brake of Parking

Amortiguador Leading

Rear and Leading light

Film Leading of 16" and Rear of 12.5"

Capacity of scale: 10º

Handlebar and folding seat

Course Backwards


Included Rear basket

2 Keys of Start

3 Adjustable Speeds (15/25/35Km/h)

Engine: 1000w (Without Brushes)

Battery Lithium 48V, 15Ah

Maximum Load: Until 120 Kg

Weight of the Product: 55 Kg

Time of Load: 6-8 Hours

Speed: 35 Km/h Máx.

Autonomy: 30-55 Km Máx.

Measures (High x Wide x Long): 123cm x 70cm x 130cm. NOTE: The height without the saddle varies between 123/115cm according to the height of the handlebar



2 years in all the components and parts of the product, included the battery.. We have of all type of spares, like baterias, engines, covers, faros and pilot, brakes, manetas, electronic..





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